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Suggested content - write-up and partnership with SCOT

Leadership is an essential element in the development of a student, both as an individual and as a member of the school community. A ‘Student Leader’ is typically a student who takes up (normally through an application process) a position of leadership in a school and who is committed to making a difference within the life of that school. The aim of ‘Student Leadership’ within Dadaya is to give students a chance to develop their  leadership skills through creating opportunities for them to contribute to the running of the school. ‘Student Leadership’ is a valuable way to express ‘pupil voice’. It is a way for students to take ownership of the spaces, places, systems and identity of their school and to think how to make them ‘work better’ for everyone.

Dadaya has created a space for our students to gain leadership experience, to display initiative and to illustrate passion and drive. An essential aspect of the university application process, particularly when applying for Scholarships, is the ability to show these qualities. Essentially students need to display a level of independence and initiative, going beyond what the school offers and looking for ways to work with and impact the community.